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Planning for Retirement

We can guide you towards retirement on your own terms.

Preparing for retirement is probably the biggest financial plan you’ll ever make. And while it can seem challenging, there’s good news: FFL Investment Services can help guide you every step of the way.

A FREE consultation with one of our financial experts will put you on the right path towards retirement on your terms.

The most important part is simply to get started. If you feel ready to begin on your own, these 5 steps will help you get going. But remember, our Advisers are always here to help at any point in your planning. 

  • List your income and assets - Pull together a list of all your financial and real assets, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, IRAs, 401(k) accounts and property.
  • Estimate your expenses - Project what your future monthly and yearly expenses are likely to be. Divide these into essentials (food, clothing, housing, transportation, insurance, taxes) and discretionary (travel, entertainment, gifts, etc.)
  • Compare income to essential expenses- This step will show you if there will be an income gap you’ll need to make up for with principal.
  • Identify assets that can cover expenses - If you find a gap between income and essential expenses, it’s a good idea to single out any assets you can liquidate as needed to fill the hole.
  • Check your plan annually - Perform a yearly review of your plan (it may be best to consult a financial professional for this step), and make adjustments as needed.

While these steps are a good guide, consider a FREE consultation to find out how you could benefit from our retirement planning services. We have the guidance, tools and expertise to help you find the best choices for you.

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