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Wealth Transfer Insurance

Provide your loved ones with a dependable, tax-free benefit.

Wealth Transfer Insurance is one of the safest, most dependable investment options available for many families. It’s a single premium life insurance product that offers an immediate death benefit if the owner passes away.

Wealth Transfer Insurance invests assets the owner does not intend to use during their lifetime (such as low interest rate CDs) into a higher-yielding product. It offers your recipients favorable tax treatment and guaranteed returns.

  • Benefits are income tax free for the recipient.
  • The insured may use the benefit during his/her lifetime as a source of income.
  • The insured can surrender the policy for its cash value at any time.
  • Policy may offer a benefit that can be drawn upon to pay for Long-Term Care coverage.
  • May include a money-back guarantee if the policy is cancelled and there are no outstanding premiums due.

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